The night sky in a supercomputer

By Jana Winkler, University of Basel Original article Looking into space is the same as […]

Sustainable technology for SKACH

EcoCloud is getting ready for exorbitant amounts of data The Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) […]

Ask the experts: How CSCS supports SKA with supercomputing infrastructure “Alps” and knowhow on writing scientific libraries 

By Simone Ulmer, CSCS. Original article The Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO), currently under construction […]

SKACH celebrates construction commencement at EPFL

On December 9, SKACH hosted an event at EPFL in Lausanne to celebrate the start […]

SKA Observatory celebrates start of telescope
construction in Australia and South Africa

In ceremonies at both sites in Australia and South Africa, the SKA Observatory celebrated the […]

An immersion in galaxies of data to explore the cosmos

The new exhibition produced by EPFL Pavilions transforms the scientific inquiry of astrophysics into sensory […]

Probing the physical processes in the interstellar medium of galaxies at ‘Cosmic Noon’ with SKA

The Square Kilometer Array (SKA), construction of which has begun this year, will soon be […]

Radio astronomy to foster Swiss research and industry

By becoming a member of the SKA Observatory (SKAO), the largest and most ambitious radio […]

Switzerland has officially joined the Square Kilometre Array Observatory SKAO

Switzerland has become the eighth country to join the intergovernmental nations that will collaborate in […]

EPFL joins the giant radio telescope SKA for the Swiss community

The Square Kilometre Array, or SKA, will be the biggest radio telescope ever built. Thanks […]