The SKAO is a next-generation radio astronomy facility, involving partners around the globe, that will lead to groundbreaking new insights in astrophysics and cosmology.

Established on March 12, 2019 through a treaty signed by seven countries, the SKAO is the second inter-governmental organisation dedicated to astronomy in the world. It will be operated over three sites: the Global Headquarters in the UK, the mid-frequency array in South Africa (SKA-mid), and the low-frequency array in Australia (SKA-low).

SKA-Mid and SKA-Low

The two telescopes under construction, SKA-Mid and SKA-Low, will combine the signals received from thousands of small antennae spread over a distance of several thousand kilometres to simulate a single giant radio telescope capable of extremely high sensitivity and angular resolution, using a technique called aperture synthesis.

Some of the sub-arrays of the SKA will also have a very large field-of-view (FOV), making it possible to survey very large areas of the sky at once!