Articles by: Tanya Petersen

Swiss tech helping uncover the origins of the universe

With its secretariat hosted at EPFL, the Square Kilometer Array Switzerland (SKACH) consortium is celebrating two years’ membership of a global project to develop the largest scientific facility ever built by humankind. In January 2022 Switzerland officially joined a great adventure – the Square Kilometer Array Observatory (SKAO), an international […]

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Swiss scientists win time on top European supercomputer 

Scientists with the Square Kilometer Array Switzerland (SKACH) consortium will use the largest ever allocation of node hours on Europe’s LUMI-G supercomputer to conduct a simulation looking at the role of turbulence and gravity in the universe.  Scientists working with the Swiss arm of the international Square Kilometer Array Observatory […]

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SKACH Team successful in Science Data Challenge 3a

SKACH data scientists earn a top 10 position in the Challenge named ‘Foregrounds’ in which they analysed simulated astronomical data going back billions of years through cosmic time. The SKAO Science Data Challenge 3a (SDC3a), which took place from January to June 2023, continued a series of tests to prepare […]

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